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Business Networking While Traveling For Work Or Pleasure

Networking is not just presenting your business name for people to find out about you, but it's also getting to know the people who will spread the word about you and your products or services and then will support you in your activities. Networking means getting to know many people in your life, as many as you can, and showcasing your business to those people, so that they then carry forward your name, your service or business, and share their knowledge about you with others.


It may be that your business needs you to travel quite often or you may travel to arrange for supplies of raw material, visit relatives or just for the fun of it. In any case, rather, in all the cases make a point to strike up a conversation with the person sitting beside you, those who are around you on the airplane, even those who wait in the lounge at the airport. Make it your objective to meet with and greet at the minimum, one new person every day.

How will you go about this task?

Say, hello, how are you? Ask questions. The proven way to know someone is by asking questions. Conversation cannot be sustained without asking questions. Questions act as good icebreakers and the other person also will automatically want to ask you the same questions. Where are you traveling to, what do you do for a living and so forth. You can then ask them, is it a business trip or is it a personal trip? As the chain of to and fro questions and answers progresses, you will then be able to bring up your business and your activities.

The ocean is made of drops of water. Similarly, every single new person you contact means a bigger network and it means you will know more people in your life. Your business network's success depends totally on your ability to carry on conversation with others easily and comfortably. Initially you might face some difficulty. But you must force yourself if you have to. Stick to this habit of meeting at the very least, one new person every day. This will then become a habit and your business will thrive because of it.

It is nearly impossible to become a business success all on your own. In some fashion, other people need to be involved. And the more people that you are networked with, the greater success your business has the potential to become. Granted, just because you know a lot of people, it doesn’t automatically mean that you will become a success, but being good at business networking will get you well on your way.

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